What's Included

Living & Dining Room

Loveseat or Upholstered Chair**
Coffee Table
End Table(s)
Media Console
40" (or larger) Flat Panel LCD TV
Decorative Artwork
Dining Table**
(4) Dining Chairs**
Area Rug**
Bar Stools**
Decorative Pillows
Decorative Accessories

Each Bedroom

Queen/Double Bed with Headboard
Flat Panel LCD TV**
Nightstand(s) with Lamp
1 Mirror/Dresser or Chest of Drawers*
Luxury Sheet Set
Bed Spread
Pillows with Pillow Protector Cases
Mattress Pad
Fleece Wonder Blanket
Decorative Artwork
Clock Radio/Phone Charger
Decorative Pillow
(20) Clothes Hangers*
Decorative Accessories


(6) Mugs / (8) Mugs 2BR*
(6) Dinner Plates*
(6) Salad Plates*
(6) Sm. Drinking Glasses / (8) Sm. Drinking Glasses 2BR*
(6) Lg. Drinking Glasses/(8) Lg. Drinking Glasses 2BR*
(4) Wine Glasses*
(6) Dinner Knives*
(6) Teaspoons*
(6) Dessert Spoons*
(6) Salad Forks
(6) Dinner Forks
(6) Bowls*
2 pc Colander
Can Opener
Tea Kettle
Coffee Maker
Cutting Board
Paper Towel Holder
7 pc Stainless Cookware Set with Non-Stick Fry Pan
Set of 6 Mixing Bowls
Knife Block with Knives
Utensil Holder
Cooking Utensils Set (spatula, spoon, ladle, pasta fork)
Cheese Grater
Ice Cream Scooper
Vegetable Peeler
Set of Measuring Spoons
Measuring Cup Set
Baking Set (cookie sheet, muffin tin, (2) cake pans, and loaf pan)
Oven Mitt
Kitchen Towels
Trash Bin
Flatware Tray
Cutting Board

Each Bathroom

(2) Bath Towels*
(2) Hand Towels*
(2) Wash Cloths*
Bath Mat
Toilet Brush
Trash Bin
Soap Dish
Toothbrush Holder

Home Office

Desk Chair**
Desk Lamp or Overhead Lighting**
Wireless Router
Pen & Pencil Holder

Cleaning Supplies

Vacuum Cleaner
Ironing Board
Wet/Dry Swifter

Additional Items

(1) Sample Size Laundry Detergent
(1) Sample Size Fabric Softener
(1) Large Trash Bag
(1) Sample Size Dishwasher Detergent
(1) Sponge
(1) Sample Size Liquid Dish Soap
(1) Roll of Paper Towels
(1) Roll of Toilet Paper
Hair Dryer
Sample size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face & body soap


Cable Modem
In-Unit Washer & Dryer

*Additional items may be present in larger apartments
**Item may not be present in all apartments

Bed Linens & Towels : Brand new for each stay and guest may keep them or leave for disposal following Check-out.
Internet Service : Internet Service is free and remains in Merritt's name during stay.
Roku : Roku is provided and remains in Merritt's name during stay. (Cable TV is not included).
Electric Service : Remains in Merritt's name during stay and is subject to the following allowance:
  • Studio Apartment: $100.00 per month
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment: $125.00 per month
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment: $150.00 per month
  • Large 2 Bedroom Apartment: $200.00 per month
Merritt includes all utilities and internet service cost in the published nightly rate. However, the Guest will be billed monthly for the electrical cost over the monthly allowance of $100.00 for a studio apartment, $125.00 for a one bedroom apartment, $150.00 for a two bedroom apartment, and $200.00 for a large two bedroom apartment. If necessary, Merritt reserves the right to deduct the cost of electrical, in excess of the allowance, from a Guest’s security deposit.